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Delivery Pricing

We offer delivery of our products up to 25 miles away from our location. Pricing for deliveries is as follows:

0-2 miles: $55

2-6 miles: $65

6-9 miles: $75

9-12 miles: $85

12-15 miles: $95

15-18 miles: $115

18-21 miles: $125

21-25 miles: $150

Rules For Delivery

If you do not answer when we call (or immediately call us back), we will skip your delivery and move to the next delivery. 

Our delivery charges are for curbside drop off - special request are at the discretion of the driver.

Delivery charge is for 1 drop. There is an additional $20 dollar fee for each additional drop.

Should you refuse the delivery we will gladly refund your money for the product but not the delivery fee.

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